Corporate Income Tax Certification

Corporate Income Tax Certification

The CIT certification started in the year 1995 in the scope of Independent Accounting & Financial Advisory and Certified Public Accountants law and the regulations set by Ministry of Finance. With CIT certification audit conducted by certified public accountants; tax-related accuracy and compliance audit processes are carried out on the accounts and financial statements. On the other hand, it is also aimed to lighten the audit burden of the government by certification.

CIT certification audits conducted by certified public accountants, also provide assurance for government officials in terms of the companies’ corporate tax declarations alignment with government legislations.

In the scope of our CIT certification services, identifying probable tax-related risks in advance and eliminating such risks prior to audits implemented by the Ministry of Finance is one of the main concerns. In addition to this, we also aim to identify circumstances which may ensure tax-related benefits for companies, and present such opportunities to senior management.

The CIT certification services we offer may be summarized as follows:

  • Conducting actual audits at client’s company during interim tax periods and at the end of the year (three or four times a year),
  • Reporting the findings of audit to the company management,
  • Calculation of the tax base to be included in the temporary tax and corporate tax declarations,
  • Submitting the CIT certification report prepared to tax office,
  • Providing tax consultancy service on certification related issues.