Dursun Küçükaslan

Partner - Tax

Iron and Steel | Energy and Natural Resources | Automotive | Healthcare and Pharmaceutics

Corporate Income Tax Certification | Transfer Pricing Services | R&D and Technological Development Zones | Tax Inspections and Disputes | e-Transformation

Sworn Financial Advisor

Executive summary

Dursun Küçükaslan worked as a Public Accountant in Tax Inspectors Board of Ministry of Finance between 2007-2011 and within this period, he gave tax inspections at leading companies in different sectors such as construction, automotive, tourism, textile, production and marketing.

Between 2011-2014, Dursun Küçükaslan served as a Tax Inspector and carried out works and studies on transfer pricing in the Hidden Capital, Transfer Pricing and Overseas Earnings Group Directorate, and attended various conferences as spokesman and participant regarding these subjects.

He prepared his master's thesis named “Mergers & Acquisitions and Their Effects on Target Firm’s Financial Ratios: Evidence from Turkey”.

He succeeded in the exam conducted by TURMOB and was entitled to be a Certified Public Accountant.

Dursun Küçükaslan joined BDO Istanbul office in 2014 and currently works as a tax partner. 


M.S. in Accounting and Finance, Instıtute of Social Sciences Marmara University

B.S. in Labour Economics and Political Relations, Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University