Indirect Tax

Indirect Tax

Without adequate expertise and insufficient knowledge on exemptions, exceptions and deductions and refunds, indirect taxes constitute serious financial burden risks. Following are the major indirect taxes:

  • Value-added tax,
  • Special consumption tax,
  • Banking and insurance transaction tax,
  • Special communication tax,
  • Stamp duty,
  • Customs duty,
  • Charges.

Especially when it comes to value-added tax and special consumption tax, the financial claims and liabilities of all parties involved in commercial operations are affected at a considerable degree. When indirect taxes are not complied by in an orderly and timely manner, it may lead to serious financial burdens and losses. You may take advantage of our expert assistance in terms of correct indirect tax lay-outs and filing of exemption, exception, discount and refunds claims with accuracy and in a timely manner.

Some of the services we offer through our  indirect tax refund team are as follows:

  • VAT returns certification services,
  • Special consumption tax refund services,
  • Special communication tax refund services,
  • Indirect tax consultancy services,
  • Investigating tax related exemptions, exceptions, discounts and refund opportunities,
  • Auditing of contracts and similar papers in terms of stamp tax,
  • Indirect tax declaration control services,
  • Indirect tax planning services,
  • Supply chain planning.

As BDO, we are proud to state that our firm  is the pioneer in terms of the improvements and implementations of legislations in Turkey, especially since the VAT and special consumption tax-related regulations were initiated. The book “VAT Application” written by one of our partners, Mehmet Maç has had a significant contribution to the implementation and settlement of the VAT legislation. Click here to access a free-of-charge e-book version of the book’s 5th and 6th prints.