Investment Incentives and Government Supports Consultancy

Investment Incentives and Government Supports Consultancy

Investment incentives are used as an effective policy instrument in Turkish economy. The incentive system takes sectoral and geographical diffrences into account. Thus, applicable incentive tools and support amounts vary convenient with the aims of economic transformation and lowering regional development level gaps. The last decade, in particular, additional incentive measures have been put to force, sector and even product based support approach has been adopted leading to a more complicated legislational framework and implementation procedure. Making the best possible benefit of the incentives is closely related to good knowledge of the law and competence in implementation.

Besides investment incentives, Turkey also provides several supports reaching up to significant volumes for almost all types of export oriented efforts. Likewise, R&D activities are supported by means such as R&D Centers, Technoparks, tax advantages and project based grants.

BDO Incentives Department is by your side to determine and access all eligible supports and maximize the utility of them. We provide a full package of service starting from pre-application step, including implementation and closure procedures. Tracking avaliable support opportunities and keeping our clients up to date is also part of our service.


Investment Incentive Certificates

  • General, Regional, Strategical and Project Based Incentives
  • Technology oriented industry move programme
  • Incentive tools: VAT exemption, VAT return, income tax reduction, customs duty exemption, interest support, land allocation, social security premium support, stamp duty exemption, salary support, capital support, bureucratic ease…

Export Supports

  • Abroad marketing, promotion, market research, certification, fair attendance, abroad units, company and brand purchases
  • Turquality Programme
  • Inward Processing Certicate implemantations

R & D Supports

  • Establishment of R&D and Design Centers
  • Tax advantages
  • Projecy based grants

The Check Up Service

Within the comprehend of this service, we make a detailed examination of companies regarding all types of government supports including investment incentives, export and R&D supports and other possibly related incentive like mechanisms such as grants, exemption certificates, tax advantages provided specific to field of activity and so on. The service covers analyzing success level of benefiting from already in use support tools and also detecting other available support tools that the company has not been utilizing. As the outcome, we provide a report stating areas of development, possible fiscal contribution and required actions to increase the company interest. The service transcends beyond routine investment consultancy approach and ensures considerable contribution thanks to our self developed methodology.