GRC (Governance - Risk - Compliance)

GRC (Governance - Risk - Compliance)

The concept of "GRC" refers to the full range of capabilities that enable an organization to achieve its goals, manage uncertainties, and act reliably and compliantly.

To achieve successful GRC results, the following items need to be addressed:

  • Organizational model that forms the governance structure, roles, responsibilities and authorities
  • Corporate goals, resource management to achieve goals and monitoring activities to reach goals
  • Identifying, analyzing, assessing and threating risk in accordance with the organizations’s risk appetite
  • Determining corporate policies and controls
  • Performance monitoring, measurement, establishment of evaluation structure and continuous improvement

By closely following the  frameworks, standards, good practices, global and local legislation, we support our customers to design, execute and improve their GRC processes. With our global network, our experienced teams, the methods and software we use, we offer customized solutions to our customers. In order to create an effective and sustainable structure, we apply the following steps during our projects:

  • Analysis of the current situation and creation of a roadmap
  • Design and implementation of the structure that meets the requirements of the institution
  • Transfer of know how to the employees of our customers by trainings, tests and applications
  • Review of the established structure by internal audits
  • Reporting the results to senior management