Business Continuity

The nature and type of events that cause business interruptions are changing and increasing day by day. In order to reduce the likelihood of the organization encountering a destructive event, to protect its resources and capabilities against destructive events, and to ensure that it is saved when a destructive event occurs despite all precautions, a business continuity management structure should be established.

We offer the following services for the establishment of a business continuity management system, which is one of the most important initiatives to increase the resilience of our customers:

  • Determination of the maturity level of  business continuity management
  • Creation of a business continuity roadmap
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Business impact analysis
  • Creation of business continuity strategies and solutions
  • Creation of a disaster response structure
  • Creation of business continuity and recovery  plans
  • Business continuity tests and exercises
  • Business continuity awareness program
  • Establishment of ISO 22301 compliant business continuity management system
  • ISO 22301 internal audit
  •  Maintenance service to maintain the business continuity management system