Special Purpose Audit

Special Purpose Audit

As BDO, we provide independent special purpose audits in a range of areas, depending on your company’s needs.

Other than independent financial statement audits, we provide special purpose audits and inspection services based on certain financial data.

Some services we provide within the scope of external special purpose audits or inspection are as follows:

  • Auditing compliance of the set of financial statements in the tax declaration addendum with tax based accounting regulations,
  • Auditing adherence to accounting regulations for creditors, based on cash proceeds and payments, in relation to cash-flow information,
  • Auditing compliance with financial reporting regulations set by a regulatory body in order to meet the standards presented,
  • Auditing compliance of bonds, credits and grants agreements with financial reporting regulations,
  • Auditing of turnover reports filed by  leaseholders in shopping centres who are bound by turnover-based lease contracts, at intervals stated wherein,
  • Auditing of compliance with regulations set by institutions who have granted incentive, support or funds.