Internal Audit

Internal Audit

Internal auditing is considered as a procedure for businesses in terms of ensuring that all processes, agreements, documents, records and financial reporting systems are reliable, in compliance with current regulations, effective and efficient. The purpose of internal auditing for businesses is to provide support for risk and control evaluation operations, raising valid recommendations, and testing the appropriacy and efficiency of controls.

The importance of internal auditing in Turkey is increasing along with the European Union negotiation process, Turkish Commercial Code provisions, KGK (Public Oversight Institution), SPK (Capital Markets Board of Turkey), BDDK (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency) and EPDK (Energy Market Regulatory) regulations. On another note, the process of adherence to corporate governance also highlights the importance of internal auditing.

As BDO, with our extensive knowledge and experience, we provide an immaculate service for our clients, ensuring an internal control environment suited to the specific culture of each institution, while developing internal auditing functions.



Mehmet Emin Çiftçi

Partner - IS / IT Audit & Risk Advisory
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