Labor Law and Social Security Reviews

In company sales and purchases, it is crucial to determine the target company’s potential risks in terms of labor law and social security regulations. Even in the instance where there are no sales or purchases, reviews are necessary to determine the current state of a company, as well as potential risks that can be encountered.

With reviews of labor law and social security regulations, we aim to determine potential risks concerning the work place and its procedures and keeping such risks under control. With the revision report we prepare, we materialize our findings and present these to senior management by cross checking the company’s current implementations with those put forth by regulations.

We  conduct due diligence according to the following issues and related legislation:

  • Labor Law No. 4857,
  • Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510,
  • No. 6331 Occupational Health and Safety Law,
  • Human resources practices,
  • Personnel and personal affairs practices,
  • Primary- employer-sub-employer practices.