Financial Due Diligence

When due diligence is carried out for the buy side, in any merger or purchasing process, the purpose is study the target company’s financial data in detail, in terms of their strategic, operational and commercial aspects, and to report to the buyer upon determining the current state of the company in question.

When due diligence is conducted for the seller, the aim is to prepare the company for the sales process by closely studying companies the buying party wishes to attract for the transaction. This way, we are able to ascertain issues that may be perceived by potential buyers as problematic, well in advance; and are able to provide solutions for these issues in a timely manner.

As BDO, by utilizing our international network and resources in our due diligence operations along with our expertise and experience, we provide our clients with the support they need in purchasing and sales strategy implementations, investment decisions and in maximizing their fund value.

We provide the following services in the field of due diligence operations:

  • Buy side due diligence,
  • Vendor due diligence,
  • Increasing the success rate of the procedure by analysing the target company’s financial data,
  • Preparing a data room on the vendor side and managing the vendor side process,
  • Building the most financially optimum purchasing/sales model,
  • Evaluating the partnership structure during the purchasing, pre-purchasing and post-purchasing stages and providing consultancy services to assist in determining financial strategies for the new structure being established.