Technology, Media and Telecommunication

Technology, Media and Telecommunication

This is the leading industry in terms of rapid change and development – both in Turkey and on a global level.  Developments in technology, new legislations, a competitive environment are all factors that naturally impact the profitability of this industry.

Our experts who closely keep track of all updates in the industry provide our clients with support services that will ensure prominence in such a competitive field.

A high number of merger and purchasing deals take place in this industry, on both domestic and international levels. BDO has extensive experience in the taxation, financial and legal due diligence operations related to such undertakings.

Entities in radio and TV are regulated by Supreme Board of Radio and Television (SBRI). Besides being subject to the surveillance of SBRT these entities pay a fee to the same board. These fees are reviewed and certified by expert teams in this field.

On the other hand, according to the relevant regulations, companies in the telecommunications industry have special communication tax reimbursement rights depending on the composition of the operations they have carried out. In order to qualify for the reimbursement, BDO provides support in all related cost calculations, preparation of documentation required and the approval report related to it.