Architectural, Construction and Procurement Support

We also take on the project and construction supervision to ensure that the architectural project is realized in accordance with international trends and standards.

In collaboration with our clients, we are there to assist in choosing all hardware and equipment required, control of production and/or in purchasing stages.

The services we provide in this field are as follows:

Architectural project development and supervision:

  • Preparing unique interior and exterior architectural projects,
  • Supporting the architects of the projects,
  • Evaluation and improvement of the architectural projects.

Construction management:

  • Choosing the method of construction,
  • Planning techniques (CPM, PERT),
  • Cost estimation, budgeting and preparation of proposal,
  • The organization of the construction team,
  • Subcontractor selection.

Facility furniture and furnishing purchase:

  • Selecting and purchasing the furniture,
  • Selecting and purchasing the furnishings,
  • Selecting and purchasing the operational equipment,
  • Tracking the manufacturing of the furniture.

Mehmet Önkal

Partner - Consultancy / Hospitality Consulting
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Trevor J. Ward

Partner - Consultancy / Hospitality Consulting
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