Initial Public Offering (IPO) Consultancy

Companies require significant amount of funds in order to finance their targeted growth. They may also wish to set up or improve a corporate management structure. One of the leading method to acquire the necessary funding and to establish a corporate structure is offering the company stocks to the public. IPO also provides the opportunity for existing shareholders to substantiate a part of their investments.

Expert assistance can be essential prior to, during and following the IPO process in areas such as:

Company valuation, preparing financial statements in accordance with international accounting standards and submitting them to audit, managing investor relations, working on promotional projects, and obviating probable issues that may arise during a CMB (SPK) or Istanbul Stock Exchange (BİST) audit.

The services we provide for a successful IPO are as follows;

  • Preparation and preliminary assessment
  • Preliminary valuation,
  • Business Plan Development,
  • Restructuring
  • Tax advisory,
  • Independent Audit 
  • Internal audit and control services, 
  • Financial reporting services,
  • Transition to corporate risk management,
  • Establishment of the Investor Relations Department
  • Creation the principles of corporate governance.