Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics

Thanks to its developing economy, young workforce and geographical location, Turkey has a strategic importance in the logistics and transport industry. Over 50 countries, which constitute the largest participants of global trade, with a total population of over 1.5 billion, are all within a 4-hour flight from Istanbul.

With the developing and growing Turkish economy, it is clear that this industry will develop more and be more open to opportunities than ever before. Public and private infrastructure investments have developed the country’s logistics services a great deal. Many new airports have been built, as well as highways and two-way roads. Fast train web have started to reach trade centers and harbor capacities have been increased.

To illustrate, the industry’s 10-year performance is above the gross national product growth which is 4.93% per annum.

The logistics services in Turkey include: domestic and international land, air, sea transportation, storage and distribution, delivery to point of end-user, and container transportation. The main sectors that logistic firms provide services to are construction, textiles, automotive, wholesale, food, iron and steel, machinery and technology.

A variety of transportation methods are offered in Turkey and in order to reduce transportation costs, many logistic centers are being established.

As BDO, we have many clients who carry out both domestic and international operations in Turkey’s transport and logistics industry. With our experienced team, our main objective is to offer quality service to companies who provide domestic and international logistic services.