Tourism, Entertainment and Accommodation

Tourism, Entertainment and Accommodation

The exceptional geographical, historical and cultural aspects of Turkey do not only place it in the center of commercial activity, but also in tourism. Our country, which stands where Asia meets Europe, with three sides surrounded by seas, has a deep-rooted history, blending both eastern and western cultures, is a cultural mosaic.

Thanks to this geographical, historical and cultural texture, the tourism industry holds a significant place in the Turkish economy. In 2015, its share of the country’s economy was 13%.

Turkish Airlines has earned the title of “The Airline To Fly The Most Countries And Destinations”  in the Wold. It also holds the title of “Europe’s Best Airline” for 6 consecutive years.

Parallel to the surge of success in the tourism industry, the numbers of companies in this sector are also increasing substantially; investments in the industry are also picking up speed. As BDO, we offer a wide scope of services with our expertise for many companies in the industry, particularly in tourism consultancy.


Mehmet Önkal

Partner - Consultancy / Hospitality Consulting
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