Energy and Natural Resources

Energy and Natural Resources

Due to its unique dynamics and the fact that it is one of the most sought-after areas of industry, energy and natural resources is one of the most important industries of the Turkish economy. Companies operating in this industry are audited and regulated by a public authority – the Energy Market Regulation Institution (EPDK). Therefore, audit operations, tax and consultancy services require industry-related experience and expertise.

Regardless of the fact that it is held under one sector heading and regulated by EPDK, there are explicit differences and characteristics of each sub sector under this industry.

Sub-industries which vary in characteristic and require their own expertise are as follows:

  • In the electricity market; production, transmission, wholesale/retail sales and distribution,
  • In the petrol, natural gas market; dealership, storage, transport, refinery, distribution, production, import and export of products such as fuel, mineral oil, natural gas and LPG.

Indirect taxes specific to the industry such as special consumption tax, electricity consumption tax, energy fund, and TRT share, widen the scope of tax consultancy for firms in this industry.

BDO’s expert team provides industry-specific services with the experience they have accumulated thanks to years of collaboration with clients who are leaders in electricity production and distribution, fuel, mineral oil and mining. We offer our services with our experience and knowledge that we have gained from countless mergers, acquisitions, transactions and purchasing projects in this industry.