Information Technologies and Telecommunications

Information Technologies and Telecommunications

As in the rest of the world, advancements in information technologies and telecommunications play a critical role in various fields in Türkiye. Significant progress has been made in areas such as software development, data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and cybersecurity. The intense interest of the young population and the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem have further propelled this sector. Notably, the e-commerce sector and the latest developments in AI have gained significant momentum, particularly during and after the pandemic.

The telecommunications sector is also a fundamental component of Türkiye's digital infrastructure. Major telecommunications operators serve a broad subscriber base, expanding mobile and fixed broadband internet services. Investments in fiber optic infrastructure are enhancing high-speed internet access, thereby improving the quality of digital services.

Additionally, Türkiye has taken an active role in space technologies with its domestic satellite projects. Investments and advancements in the information and telecommunications sectors form the foundation of Türkiye's digital transformation and enhance its global competitiveness.

As BDO Türkiye, we offer consultancy services in information technologies and cybersecurity with our competent team.

Moreover, according to the relevant regulations, companies in the telecommunications industry have special communication tax reimbursement rights depending on the composition of the operations they have carried out. To qualify for the reimbursement, BDO provides support in all related cost calculations, preparation of required documentation, and the approval report.

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