Country by Country Report Tools

Country by Country Report Tools

As BDO Denet, we convert your CbCR tables from Excel format to XML Schema 2 Format

In addition to the Annual Transfer Pricing Report, a Country-by-Country Report (CbCR) shall be prepared annually by multinational enterprise (MNE) groups within the scope of OECD's BEPS 13 Action Plan. The CbC XML Schema 2 is explained in the relevant User's Guide published by the OECD.

Country-by-Country Report shall contain the following information of an MNE group:

  • revenues, profit/loss before tax, personal/corporate income tax paid, personal/corporate income tax accrued, stated capital, accumulated earnings, number of employees and tangible assets other than cash and cash equivalents, related to each country in which it operates, and
  • name of constituent entities resident in the tax jurisdiction, tax jurisdiction of organization or incorporation if different from tax jurisdiction of residence and the main activities of each business, on a country basis.

Tables in Excel file format shall be converted to CbCR XML format in order to facilitate fast and standardized implementation of CbC Reporting and ensure the preparation, filing and exchange of CbC Reports electronically. The data organized in this way shall be submitted to the relevant competent authorities.

As BDO Denet, we provide services in converting your CbC Reports prepared in Excel file format into XML format (Schema 2) within the scope of our CbCR services.

You can easily convert your Table 1, Table 2 and Table 3 data in ready-made Excel format to XML format (Schema 2) by uploading file to the system from below.

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