Labour Law and Social Security Consultancy

As BDO, the frame of services we provide in terms of labor law and social security is quite expansive. With the services we offer, we are ready to collaborate with you in order to find solutions in this area as well pinpointing potential risks from the source before it is too late.

We provide labor law and social security services to help you ensure a peaceful work environment which is in line with regulations.

  • Labor Contracts according to work models,
  • Workplace internal regulations,
  • Checking of personal files,
  • Cancellation process of labor contracts,
  • Resolution process labor arbitration,
  • Administrative fines,
  • Workplace registration procedures,
  • Transfer and merger of workplace,
  • Closing up workplace,
  • Work accidents and occupational diseases,
  • Objections to premium differences, administrative penalties,
  • Overseas employment practices,
  • Guidance for audits,
  • Retirement and allocation request transactions,
  • Dispute and litigation counselling,
  • Other employment law and social security practices.