Payroll and SSI Declarations

Payroll and SSI Declarations

According to the regulations in place in Turkey, companies are required to file a payroll reporting the amounts paid to employees. Payrolls are required to include an accurate report of: gross pay, premiums, bonuses, income taxes of progress billings such as social assistance, legal cuts such as social security premiums and stamp duties, and the net pay of employees. For employment start and end dates to be managed efficiently, an efficient and reliable payroll system is required. It is especially difficult to keep track of payroll services in companies that present considerable shifts in employer profiles or have a high employee circulation.

With technical infrastructure and IT capability that are up to date with the latest technology, we provide our clients with a payroll service on a reliable platform.

As BDO, our services include: preparation of monthly payrolls for our clients’ employees which include: accurate calculation of vested and social benefits such as premiums, extra working hours, leave allowance, notices, and seniority; ensuring employees’ receipt of the statement, and so on.

As we provide these services to our clients and their employees, as well as ensuring confidentiality, we also carry out the payroll reporting (accounting slips, analysis, budget, etc.) that the company requires according to their specific needs.