Mehmet Maç

Partner - Tax

Automotive | Textile

Sworn Financial Advisor



Mehmet Maç has worked in the field of taxation for approximately 40 years and succeeded many reputable projects and works. He is proficient especially in corporate mergers and acquisitions, demergers,  tax reviews and implementations, and he gives consultancy services to many national /international companies and institutions regarding tax law and tax planning.

Before joining BDO Turkey, Mehmet Maç conducted tax inspections at Ministry of Finance as a Tax Inspector for 6 years and he is a partner and manager in the BDO Turkey family since 1986.



Chamber of Sworn-In Certified Public Accountants of Istanbul

Union of Chambers of Certified Public Accountants and Sworn-In Certified Public Accountants of Turkey (TURMOB)

Tax Working Group of TÜSİAD (Turkish industrialists' and businessmen's association)

Tax Working Group of Chamber of Sworn-In Certified Public Accountants of Istanbul

Tax Inspectors Association

Tax Inspectors Foundation



Inheritance, Gift and Death (Veraset Hibe ve Ölüm), 1999

Corporate Tax, 1995

Value Added Tax, 1991



Business Administration, Istanbul University